More and more people are collectively saying “enough already.” We just wonder how long the cinema will continue. It’s probably more about election time than the health of humanity in our opinion. We’ll see what the closing act will be like. Grab your popcorn.

Enough Already! Screw COVID-19 And Screw Anyone Who Fears It

by dht3265

I can’t do it anymore. I can’t play nice about this thing anymore. I can’t pretend to respect the so-called “experts” who have been wrong at every turn. I can’t find any more sympathy for the perfectly healthy people who are completely overrun by fear. I can’t keep my mouth shut about the idiocy of masks from a scientific standpoint, or the nefarious intent of masks from a political standpoint.

I can’t watch the medical community twiddle their thumbs while a small but vocal minority of their lily-white peers give signed letters to the media purporting to speak for the entire healthcare universe that says all Americans must all stay home and watch our nation commit suicide — but if you want to protest on behalf of left-wing causes then that, and only that, is okay.

I can’t pretend to be even marginally offended let alone threatened by a virus that in the end, this year and this year only, will take around twice the number of lives that the average flu does every year. And I certainly can’t keep pretending that such a relatively paltry number in the big scheme of things merited anywhere near the national humiliation and panic attack that we allowed the media and left to foist upon us, let alone all of the entirely avoidable carnage that so many of you gladly and in some cases proudly accepted.

I can’t keep watching my fellow American brothers and sisters make absolute clowns of themselves because the media has convinced them that doing so makes them heroes.

I finally saw at least one academic institution have the guts to speak the truth; the American Academy of Pediatrics said kids must be back in the classroom this fall because the damage done by keeping literally every child in America at home far eclipses the damage done on an exponentially smaller scale to a tiny fraction of already vulnerable populations. Within days however the AAP walked their statement back and began toeing the same leftist line that the rest of academia’s social and political engineering wing has been pushing for decades — from the first days of their “manmade global cooling” fear-mongering to present day’s COVID-19 hysteria.

I can’t keep pretending, along with the media and the rest of our nation, that a single COVID-19 death is more tragic than 1,000 deaths from any other cause.

I can’t pretend that this entire national humiliation wasn’t manufactured by the media to hurt our nation and the person who leads it. I can’t pretend not to know that if Crooked Hillary had won in 2016 then less than 25% of our nation would even know what COVID-19 is. (I promise you we wouldn’t. It would’ve been a small blip in the news that started and ended in March, and that most of us never even heard about.)

The media and their leftist allies in academia have been lying and wrong about COVID-19 ever since it became their last and best hope to hurt Trump before November, just minutes after they spent the previous 3 years lying and being wrong about every detail around their Russia and Ukraine impeachment hoaxes.

Every shred of data they give you is flawed or outright falsified, from the number of confirmed cases which is wildly deflated to the number of deaths that are wildly inflated. (And for those who pay attention to such matters, those are the two variables used to determine how deadly a virus is. It just so happens, go figure, that for COVID-19 both variables are flawed or falsified to make this virus appear far more deadly than it actually is.)

The “grim spike in cases” that you’re being told to freak out about is exactly what happens when a virus begins to die down and something close to herd immunity starts its journey. Yes, increased testing is part of it but as noted many times: we can’t stop a virus that’s hellbent on spreading any more than we can stop a climate that’s hellbent on changing. And so the first ones we notice getting hit are the most vulnerable targets who suffer the worst consequences. And then, eventually, we notice everyone else getting hit with much less dire consequences. Then, after that, people stop getting hit. That’s what’s happening right now. And it will keep happening until 75% or so of our population has been infected and thus developed antibodies which mean those people can’t get or spread it again. The good news is that many millions of us have already gotten and recovered from COVID-19 without even realizing it.

Yeah but where’s your science? Where are your studies?!” begs the genius who spent the last 6 months relying on flawed or falsified studies that virtually every time need to be corrected or just thrown out entirely a few months later.

When Trump wins in November (and he will), meet me back here in 5 years when the COVID-19 science has settled and the data has become firmly reliable, and I’ll take your apology then.

Or on the very long-shot chance that Cognitive Decline Sleepy Joe Biden wins, meet me back here literally the day after he’s sworn in and I’ll take your apology then. Because the second someone the media approves of becomes president, all their fear-mongering and terrorizing of our country goes away. The story will immediately shift from “OMG the world is ending” to “OMG Biden saved us and now we just have to figure out why those mean Republicans in Congress keep getting in the way of His Highness Biden’s demands.”

Because it was never about health or safety. It was never about good faith deference to reality. It was always about social manipulation in support of political engineering.

And I can’t keep pretending not to know that. And I can’t keep pretending to care. And I can’t keep pretending that the media didn’t purposefully create all of this fear and collateral carnage. And I can’t keep pretending that the people who succumb to it are anything other than useful idiots.

Screw COVID-19, and screw every person who wittingly or not helped perpetuate its humiliating grip on our country in service to a destructive and dishonest political agenda.

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