We didn’t get our fliers this week for the regular Supermarket Roundup VLOG – so we’ll point out some good deals you should keep an eye on over at your local NJ ShopRite starting on December 2, 2018.

Shoprite of Washington NJ exterior

Top 5 Deals at ShopRite for December 2, 2018

In lieu of a video this week, here is our backup; A top 5 list!

1. Bounty Paper Towels – maybe a good time to buy?

Something worth looking into – if you understand the nonsense associated with Paper Towels. They have an interesting deal on the “12=20” pack of Bounty. Normally $20 per pack, but starting this Sunday – you can get the packs for $17.99, but if you buy two, you’ll get 10 bucks back on the spot – effective cost $12.99 per pack. Do the price per square foot math to see if it’s up to spec! (The price to beat is $0.015 per square foot at ALDI…)

2. Polly-O Mozzarella

Always a solid performer in the fridge. Cannot go wrong, especially at $1.99 a pound! Bada Bing!

3. 80% Ground Beef

Ground beef (i.e., “red meat”) varies widely in cost. $2.99 a pound is good – but you have to buy the “family pack” which means probably three or more pounds. Still quality meat! (PS – “blends” are our personal favorites – i.e., Pat LaFrieda or Schweid & Sons).

4. Clorox Bleach

Bleach is, and always be the most effective cleaner in the house. You might just need to shed your aversion to how “bad” bleach might be. Hint: “natural” cleaners suck. Bleach works. Just rinse it off good, and all the so-called “bad stuff” just evaporates in thin air.

5. Nature’s Bounty Vitamins

Not the best vitamins in the world – but they are somewhat effective. At a fraction of the cost of other “high end” brands. We can vouch!

Back next week with the VLOG

Not sure what happened to our weekly flier delivery – but we didn’t have time to wait or mess around. We hope to be back with yet another one of our witty VLOGS. In a way, I’m kind of relieved to have a break. Our small YouTube viewership certainly won’t mind. (Just wait until we blow up! It’ll happen – because we’re consistent and patient!)

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