Almost any place that sells a selection of meats for us to cook at home is a good start. We usually hit the supermarkets. Heck, even Walmart sells raw meat! But something about a place the SPECIALIZES in meats changes the experience. Like Rath’s Deli over in Stewartsville, NJ (technically Greenwich Township, NJ – or most people from other parts of the state would just generalize this entire area as “P-Burg.”)

Rath's Deli - Stewartsville, NJ

Rath’s Deli has all your meat needs covered (and catering)

We’ve been meaning to stop by Rath’s Deli for the longest time. For whatever reason – it just didn’t happen. Until last weekend.

We only had a couple minutes to peruse the deli and ask a few questions.

Our first question was regarding the ground beef. We have a liking for “blends” such as flat-iron, brisket, and short-rib. Any combo besides just chuck is preferred. However, Rath’s Deli only had the “straight-up” ground beef (at 87% lean). That’s okay, we love ground beef nonetheless.

They had frozen burgers pre-formed, but you had to buy a substantial quantity – which we chose not to. They said they have them fresh during summer grilling season. I guess not everyone grills all year round like us.

So we picked up a pack of frozen Cheddar Hot Dogs instead.

Rath's Deli - Stewartsville, NJ

Rath's Deli - Stewartsville, NJ

About Rath’s Deli

We became interested in Rath’s originally because of their incredible lineup of options, from both a catering and raw meat perspective. You can get almost anything! But here’s what they have to say about themselves, in their own words:

“We are a family owned & operated Full Service Butcher Shop, Delicatessen, Fish & Chips, and Catering for all occasions. The store opened on July 01, 1997 and has become a household name in our surrounding area.

We are third generation German butchers. Our father and grandfather were trained “Master Butchers” from Germany and we took it a step further with a Culinary Institute of America (CIA) education. We have a broad range of knowledge and expertise in safe food preparation, handling & packaging which results in a superior product for our customers.

When you buy from Rath’s, you will never have to second guess the quality and freshness for your family & guests. Our meats are cut fresh daily. Our ground beef is never brought in or reground for sale – like your favorite Super Market! All our beef is Certified Premium Beef Brand(USA) and hormone/steroid Free. Our pork is farm raised in Hatfield PA. & the poultry is “Free Range”PA Farms both all natural and hormone free. Our sausages are all made by us & we make some fantastic Italian Sausage & Polish Kielbasa not to mention the German Brats (with spices imported from Germany). Not too shabby for a couple of Germans! Check out our item list & if you don’t see what you’re looking for, call us and we will make it or get it.

For the most part, we think you’ll love the variety of our fresh & marinate meats, homemade beef jerky, fresh & frozen heat & serve entrées, homemade salads, and all those Holiday Specialties!

Stop in for a freshly made breakfast sandwich with a cup of our Fresh Roasted Estate Coffee, a Hot or Cold Lunch Sandwich or if you’re running late, Grab a nice steak for the grill & pair it up with our heat & serve starches & vegetables. We cater to everyone including those dual-income families or that mom that just didn’t get the time to make her family a home-cooked meal. You’ve got to see our products because they speak to you through our showcase!

We could go on about all the things we do, but we’ll stick to doing the things we do best & that’s taking care of customers like you. Thanks again & we look forward to serving you!”

Rath's Deli - Stewartsville, NJ

Rath’s Deli Options

Take a look at these choices! Mouth-watering! (Click to enlarge)

Rath's Deli - Stewartsville, NJ

Map: Rath’s Deli Stewartsville, NJ

Here’s where you can find them. Also – you can reach them by calling 908-213-2121.

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