Opening soon just a half mile north of Route 22 is Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar of Bridgewater, NJ.

Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar of Bridgewater, NJ

Zinburger is an “upscale” burger chain

Zinburger is part of a trending aspect of the restaurant business. A mix between fast food chain – and upscale restaurant.

They use many of the right buzz-words that are “en vogue” these days. And the quality is most likely a step up from “fast food.”

Here are some bullet points Zinburger touts:

  • UNMATCHED QUALITY: Our USDA Certified Angus Beef and American-Style Kobe Beef are ground in-house twice daily.
  • PERFECT PAIRINGS: We feature over 25 carefully selected wines by the glass & bottle, local & craft brews and hand-crafted cocktails.
  • SCRATCH KITCHEN: From hand-cut fries to house-made salad dressing and pies, our chefs work hard to make each bite memorable.
  • TASTY INNOVATION: Each month we’re serving up new and exciting menu items — but hurry in, they’re not here to last

How much does Zinburger cost?

Looking at the Zinburger Menu – it appears that their upscale burgers and fries are in-line with the other trendy upscale burger joints.

Burgers alone range from $10 to $16 (with a $5 upcharge for Kobe), and sides are between $6 and $7 each. So a burger + a side can range from $16 to $28 per person. Let’s just round out to about $22 on average.

Kids meals are very reasonable, coming out to $7 all inclusive (drink and side as well).

Not sure about the wine prices – but they seem to stock low-end wines (such as the 19 Crimes we talked about for our Cheap Wine Reviews VLOG.) My guess is they charge $6 a glass, or $20 per bottle.

So a family of four (mom, dad, two kids) should budget to pay around $80 plus tax and tip (probably $100 total, give or take). Definitely not cheap, but not “break the bank” either, if you include a few libations. (Just no drinking and driving, please!)

Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar of Bridgewater, NJ

Is eating out worth it?

For some folks – a place like ZinBurger is a welcome respite to the usual grind (as well as the cooking and cleaning).

I’m sure even the most frugal could benefit from a night off from the kitchen. The diversion also has some value. While we’re not usually fans of any chains – some are better than others (think Tim Hortons for coffee – but they’re two different animals).

However, $100 can make several days of meals at home. Even with a few bottles of wine! With value places like ALDI and Lidl coming to our area, along with prudent shopping – money certainly provides more elsewhere.

But taking a night to go out and let someone else do the work cannot be shunned completely, and we’ll certainly try ZinBurger once they open. They have about 16 other locations in seven northeast states. The Bridgwater, NJ spot would mark the seventh NJ location.

Where is the new Zinburger in Bridgwater, NJ anyway?

Here’s a map of where it’s being built. We’ll be sure to check it out once they open.

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