Online Shopping Death Spiral {VLOG}

Online Shopping Death Spiral {VLOG}

Try shopping for just about anything online these days. It’s becoming a freak show!

For starters, we think “global commerce” (on paper) has some wonderful opportunities not really possible a few decades ago. Like the chance to buy genuine good things – that are just not made locally. The world is our market, they say.

However, when just a FEW major companies MONOPOLIZE the worldwide markets – it is the worst of the worst.

In this case, you have Alibaba / AliExpress in conjunction with both Amazon “FBA” (as well as eBay to a degree) essentially KILLING everyone else.

Try looking up a “mini chainsaw” on Amazon.

Let me read off just 10 of the results (See photos below).

  1. F.EASY.D Mini Chainsaw
  2. WEGSD “”
  3. TORRYZA “”
  4. NBW “”
  5. DEYSEN “”
  6. NXowzf “”
  7. generic “4-inch” and “mini cordless” (no brand)
  8. Laecabv “”
  9. Vogvigo “”
  10. AOEIUV “”

Notice how they’re all the same? But have different unintelligible names? Seems like a monkey throws darts at an alphabet on the wall to pick the names.

You can get these exact same things on AliExpress for about 20% less.

And if you buy in bulk on Alibaba – the cost is about 60-80% less overall. But who wants to buy a lot of 100 units – just to get one piece of crap?

That is what tens of thousands of “entrepreneurs” are doing. (NOTE – we’re not knocking those small businesses. That is what capitalism is all about. However, while it is nice that these independent people are making a few bucks re-selling Chinese junk, you need to see the bigger picture. It’s still a monopoly between the China-junk and the King of logistics – Amazon. And thanks to advanced technology – we have a sea of crap at light speed.)

And it’s truly muddying the waters out there. Everyone getting just a tiny slice of the pie. While these massive corporations just get bigger and bigger.

Naturally – who loses? The end-consumer.

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