Just a little heads up for the people that are on the right path with a low-carb, keto, or carnivore lifestyle.

Wegmans "Keto Butter Coffee" {worth it?}

Wegmans chimes in with Keto Coffee

Wegmans Food Markets, as you might know, offer options in-store to eat and drink on the spot. And their coffee bar is one of them.

The coffee is okay, and helpful if you need a caffeine fix. Doesn’t happen often for us, but it came in handy a few times.

We noticed they now offer “keto butter coffee.”

You know the trend – it’s basically a higher-fat coffee. They put a pat of butter in it. Some folks also use coconut oil.

However, we found out that the cost of this teeny pat of butter made the cup of coffee more than twice that of a standard cup. A bit over-priced, even if it was an “Americano” (i.e., espresso + water).

We recommend coffee + heavy cream when on the road. Not all places offer the full-fat creamers. Starbucks does, but you need to request it. “Dunkin'” does not.

Best place to make your keto coffee is at home, where your pat of butter is profoundly cheaper.

Just sayin’.

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