There is no shortage of wine, beer, and liquor stores along the coverage area. And as we’ve mentioned previously, a good majority of people typically pick the most convenient places for them. But Shopper’s Wines (2321 US-22, Union, NJ 07083) gives us a couple reasons to go out of our way to stop by!

Even small liquor stores have advantages!

You’d think with all the big chain stores out there (like Total Wine, ShopRite Wine & Spirites, Buy-Rite Liquors, or Bourbon Street Wine & Spirits), that they’d knock out the little guys left and right, the same way big box stores like Walmart, Target, Home Depot and Lowe’s did.

But that isn’t the case.

Perhaps it’s some kind of price-fixing in the alcohol industry that we don’t know about, but both big corporations, as well as independently-owned shops, can co-exist!

Maybe it’s just the overwhelming market demand. Just a hunch.

Shopper’s Wines has some good prices! Often the best!

Granted, Shopper’s Wines absolutely does not have the same expansive selection other big stores have. Logistically impossible. But that doesn’t mean that only carry shoddy brands, or cannot compete.

We found a household favorite wine there (Honoro Vera) for only $6.95 regular price. That’s insanely low! Places like Bourbon Street charge $10 a bottle! That’s a 30% savings without having to buy cases.

Shopper's Wines of Union NJ (6 of 6)

Some great prices on good Spanish wines!

Plus, they’d probably knock even more off if you bought in bulk. This is why it’s worth it to check out other places.

Sure, the place may not be as “fancy” as others. But that doesn’t mean they don’t carry your frou-frou high-end labels, either. Don’t let looks deceive you.

Character and Personality at Shopper’s Wines

Lastly – one thing you usually experience as you gravitate closer to the “big cities” and in more densely-populated and diverse areas – is a completely different dynamic.

Both the customers as well as the personnel – have profoundly different personalities.

Without getting into specifics, I’d suggest they have more energetic character, in my opinion. That’s always the case the more crowded an area is. Just live in NYC and see for yourself. And that can be refreshing for some people, and off-putting for others. Not everyone is geared towards the hustle and bustle of a more urban type zone.

Lucky lottery store as well?

As a side note, we think this spot may be a lucky lottery store, too!

We’ve only been here half a dozen times – and bought a $2 or $3 lottery scratch-off each time just for kicks.

We won $100 once, and $50 another time, (plus $2 another time). That means we’ve won 50% of the tickets we’ve bought!

Shopper's Wines of Union NJ lucky lottery ticket (1 of 1)

Just saying. But bet at your own risk, and never gamble over your head!

Anyway, you can call Shopper’s Wines (also referred to as Shopper’s Discount Wine & Liquor) at 908-964-5050.

Note that they do not seem to actively update their “social media,” but they do send out regular EMAIL BLASTS. Just head to their site Shoppers Wines and sign up. They are really good at sending out regular updates!

See map below!

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