PPE Litter is now everywhere in NJ! {VLOG}

PPE Litter is now everywhere in NJ! {VLOG}

In today’s NJroute22.com VLOG – we talk about the side-effects of “personal protection,” and what has become PPE litter.

How many of you have noticed that that almost every retail parking lot – you can be almost assured to find some “PPE” refuse.

Usually masks, but we also find gloves, disinfecting wipes, and many other artifacts from the fear factory this world has become.

Not one single bone-headed politician has anything to say about this crap. Because it’s low-hanging fruit – and will do NOTHING to help their fear-peddling.

It’s the elephant in the room if you are to believe the bad scary news they report every day. Wouldn’t every single piece of PPE litter potentially have the VIRUS on it?

There are more holes than swiss cheese in this whole big scary story they’re trying to sell. Luckily, there are still logical humans out there that can see it’s a big charade.

Yet we have all these rules to live in amid fear of social mobs and other shame-tactics.

Sad world we live in. And why some are yearning for a more isolated lifestyle.

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