We love observing our supermarket trips. Since we’re not connected to our phones and other distractions – we like to use our own two eyes to establish mental “databases” of what is around us.

Every supermarket trip is a lovely adventure for us. That is the way we frame our lives. To see the positive, and try to treat every situation as a net gain.

So I figured I’d pose a question today. Mostly because we COULD NOT buy the product in question: Beyond Meat “hamburger patties.”

Just because it’s plant-based, doesn’t make this good for you.

Beyond Meat – The Beyond Burger Plant-based Patties

From what we’ve “heard,” these non-meat “hamburgers” are actually tasty and incredible. How those opinions were formed may be an interesting textbook case for future studies.

But we still want to try them to see for ourselves.

I’m doubting the entire thing as a brilliant marketing endeavor – with psychological pre-disposition – but you never know.

Shortly after snapping the single photo of this plant-based hamburger over at Wegmans – we have been unable to find these bad boys anymore. We’re waiting.

They are apparently only available at Wegmans, and two other supermarkets in our area, which, are sadly not our favorites by a long shot – Whole Foods and Stop & Shop.

When we find them – we’ll publish a new article with our review. But that doesn’t mean we’re not wondering “why” these things need to exist…

Why don’t they just let them look like the “plant matter” they’re made of instead of trying to mimic real red meat?

Why we’re on the fence about the Beyond Meat burgers

Once we do finally get to try them – just want to let you know that we’re a bit hesitant about them for the following FOUR reasons.

  1. They’re high in carbs compared to regular beef burgers. Normal hamburgers are carb-free. Sure, 5 grams of carbs per 4oz pattie may not seem like a lot to you, but it adds up.
  2. We don’t like the fact they have “Modified Food Starch” as well as “Natural Flavor” in them. I don’t care if they say they’re “non-GMO,” I don’t like eating that stuff. Those two ingredients not only are no-no’s for future Gluten issues – they also likely contain MSG – which is probably why most crazed fans reviewing these burgers give them stellar ratings.
  3. They are extremely expensive compared to quality ground beef burgers. Pat LaFrieda burgers are $5.33 per pound at ShopRite. These “burgers,” I recall are $8 or $9 for TWO 4oz. patties, making them between $16-$18 per pound. Three to four times more expensive. Sounds fishy.
  4. Not sure I chive with the feel-good eco-friendly environmental aspect of this company. That mindset is trending monetarily these days – which is why companies invest big in this “movement.” However, my guess is that this “Sci-Fi” food is just not what our bodies are the most receptive to eat. Things made in a lab with heavy processing – regardless of if it came from a plant – doesn’t seem kosher.

However – we are going to be Guinea Pigs and try them once.

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