5 Questions about FEAR

They say that fear is the most effective way to influence people. It has been used as a tool for no-good for as long as humans have existed. But how do you differentiate between manufactured fear – and “real” fear?

But here are 5 questions about fears that you should ask yourself.

  1. How much of your daily routine involves “real life” fear?
  2. How much of your daily routine involves TALK about scary things? (i.e., mainstream propaganda)
  3. Out of the last 100 scary things – how many truly came to fruition? Or affected you directly? Can you think back?
  4. If you understood that probably 99% of those scary things had no impact on you – does that change how you interpret future scary stories?
  5. Does that “failure rate” of scary stories help you understand?

The point is – that people seem to forget the failed scary stories of the past. It doesn’t seem to register with the majority that we have been living in the “Boy that Cried Wolf” scenario for a long time.

Sure – when the boy is right sometime in the future, we will certainly be unprepared. That is probably what keeps everyone hanging on to each dramatic fear instance. Because one day – even after thousands of over-hyped fears came and went – some serious stuff may happen! What then?

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