If you’re going to commit to joining a gym – we highly recommend considering a Planet Fitness – if there is one within a reasonable distance.

For one, they have set the bar when it comes to the right price. $10 a month cannot be beaten.

And we are a bit amazed that more costly classes like cycling or Crossfit remain afloat when mind-bogglingly cheaper options exist. But there may some reasons why.

Where are the Planet Fitness gyms around here?

Unfortunately – they’re not too many that are very close to Route 22 – at least on the eastern zone.

There are a few in the Newark / Elizabeth / Linden areas, as well as near Somerset and Plainfield. There are also a few in the Allentown, PA and Easton, PA region.

Also – Flemington, Clinton, and Hillsborough also are lucky enough to have a Planet Fitness.

The truth is that most people just simply do not want to drive super long distances for their workouts. Driving for hours is not too productive. It can play a huge roll in how often you go, so we understand. Makes perfect sense. And the primary reasons why other expensive options can still make it these days.

Wonder how aggressive Planet Fitness will be in regards to opening more locations across New Jersey. We suspect that due to their low fees, that they have to be very careful when choosing locations.

Luckily diet is the most effective way to lose weight

Pro Tip: Did you know that you can reach your weight loss goals most effectively via diet alone?

While working the body out obviously has advantages (getting firmer being one of them), you might want to consider not combining both a diet regimen and fitness program simultaneously.

Why? Well, for one – it’s better to separate them – at least in the beginning, because finding which eating plan is more controllable without the added caloric burn of a gym workout.

Don’t you want to be sure your “diet” is actually working?

(We recommend a low-carb or zero-carb, high-fat lifestyle for best results – and the chance that you’ll keep that lifestyle for the rest of your life).

This way, once you reach your desired goal or shape (it could be done quickly), you can THEN “tighten up” at the gym and feel good knowing that you already have a proven dietary system.

Sometimes the gym helps provide some results, even when eating poorly. Then the minute you slack off at the gym, you will probably gain weight quickly back.

Just some common sense advice for today!

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