Is it fat acceptance or just market share? {VLOG}

Is it fat acceptance or just market share? {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we’re going to speculate about the reason more unhealthy people are being used in everyday marketing!

Seeing Victoria’s Secret overweight models is what gave us the idea for this video and article.

A lot of people call this “inclusiveness.” This trend of literally fat people marketing everything.

The mindset is “Awww, we should include everyone, it’s only fair!”

But when it comes to “sexy,” anyone in their right mind KNOWS that being obese IS NOT attractive. To anyone! Including those who have to look in the mirror at themselves!

Why did people ever strive to lose weight and get in shape to begin with? BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT HAPPY WITH THEIR OWN APPEARANCE AND HEALTH!

Today – they are absolutely removing the incentive by putting blubbery people on covers of catalogs such as Victoria’s Secret.

To be fair – many of the top models in the industry were typically “underweight” to some degree. But photography and lack of reference and perspective often were attractive enough.

But wearing “sexy” lingerie is definitely in the dictionary under “putting lipstick on a pig” as they used to say before things became politically suicidal to proclaim.

In the end – we think the companies know very well what they’re doing – and they’re trying to push it out under a different label.

Labeling things “inclusive” is looking the other way at their true incentive (money)

When they say they’re being “inclusive,” they’re killing two birds with one stone.

For one, they’re appeasing the Social Justice Warriors out there who DEMAND that every “underrepresented” group is disproportionally represented “because.”

But at the same time – these companies KNOW that the MAJORITY OF THE WORLD now are fat, obese SLOBS.

So who do you market to? Common sense. If people can “relate” to the fatty person more – perhaps they won’t feel so stupid spending money in a desperate attempt to “look” sexy. Which is their loss (of cash).

And one thing we forgot to mention in our video – It’s possible they just don’t want to call their companies “PLUS SIZE.”

Sure – we know everyone deserves to be happy. But perhaps they should find happiness elsewhere. Such as improving their health instead of buying crap that is an UTTER JOKE (on them!)

Have a nice day, truth-seekers!

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