Taking the place of the doomed (high carb) Burger King on Route 206 in Chester, NJ – is (another high carb) establishment: Panera Bread.

This location, like the one in Raritan by the Somerville Circle, also chose the new “sans serif” font for their sign. I suppose the fancy logo was just too hard to read in the 1/100th of a second glimpse they have in-between times looking at their cell phone while driving.

Panera Bread is insanely popular and experiencing tremendous growth. They have a wickedly proven formula of addictive foods, and “feel good” messages. They might even have some corporate responsibility as well (whatever that means).

This publisher used to like Panera Bread. And we’re sure as the sun rises every day, that we would most likely “enjoy” the food here today as well. But we know better and have chosen the low-carb, keto, carnivore lifestyle. That, on top of avoiding almost ALL food from commercial kitchens. Especially when they’re mass-produced like these. The benefits for staying strong and “off” this kind of consumption are profound.

We’re certain this location will do well. Especially considering they have a drive-through, which eliminates any hesitancy from the people that are lazy and view walking as a chore.

To each their own, I suppose!

One of these days, perhaps people will break the convenience habit and get back to basics. It may even be necessary for survival.

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