How to get more people healthy with low carb {VLOG}

How to get more people healthy with low carb {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we’re going to opine about why it is so hard to get others to go low carb.

As you might know, once you’ve “cracked the code” with blood sugar levels – everything makes sense. Life improves dramatically.

But anyone that has successfully gone down that path most likely has some real horror stories in terms of how hard it was. And possibly still is.

We wonder why it so difficult.

The obvious is the fact that the mainstream diet is powerfully addictive. Indisputable. Sugar or carbs are undoubtedly addictive in very powerful ways.

Is there a hack that is simple?

Our “breakthrough” was not simple and easy. It took years of reading, experimentation, and research to “get it” that raising blood sugar levels is most likely one of the worst things in this world.

Looking back over time, we actually KNEW that. But for some reason, it did not click with us in the way it does today. Why it took so long to literally simplify everything and plainly understand that carbs in any shape or form should just be avoided entirely is puzzling.

I tell people all the time what I know now – JUST DO NOT RAISE YOUR BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS! But why do I think it will work for others when it didn’t really work for me in the beginning?

I suppose this is one of those instances where – after decades of misinformation or loads of confusing and contradictory advice – most do not blindly follow. They usually fall for the “easy” path (which always allows blood sugar raising “cheats.”)

In the end, this is very likely one of those circumstances where it is entirely up to the individual to make the decisions themselves. To discover that it really works by putting it into action. The proof is in the (sugar-free) pudding.

Strangely enough, though, it appears that any popular celebrity that endorses low carb (i.e., Jordan Peterson, etc.), the movement seems to get more traction. Those folks are still human like the rest of us – but they seem to have more influence because of their stardom and reach. Hence, the recently coined phrase of “influencers.”

All for the better, I guess. But it kind of sucks that super-ordinary folks like us lack that kind of instance. Like we’re weirdos shouting on soapboxes on the street corner that “the end is near” or something like that.

But perhaps there is strength in numbers. If the movement grows large enough and gets more validity amongst the ill-informed public, perhaps our street cred will finally go up.

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