Our 2nd Favorite Hamburger Recipe {vlog}

Our 2nd Favorite Hamburger Recipe {vlog}

A couple added ingredients to your ground beef – can take an ordinary burger and make it extraordinary.

In this case (our 2nd favorite at the moment), it’s just a few splashed of Worcestershire sauce and a scoop of Avocado Oil Mayo.

Then season to taste – and cook away!

Sometimes the simpler it is – the better.

Addendum (not in video)

However, we forgot to mention in the video – I tend to do this with “lesser” meats – such as ShopRite ground beef. Those are on the lower end of the flavor spectrum.

But when it comes to premium meats like Pat LaFrieda – we RARELY add anything other than salt to the surface of the meat! Their top-notch flavor should never be meddled with!

What is your favorite way to make burgers?

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