Organic foods have a hidden danger {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG we discuss something that isn’t often talked about in the world of foods and “healthy living.”

It’s not just what you put into your body via your mouth – it’s also what goes into your mind.

We’re talking about Organic paranoia.

The organic movement has created fear and worry

Some people out there have been bitten by the organic bug so bad – that they now believe that anything that ISN’T organic will cause pain, disease, and suffering at best – or even KILL you on the spot at worst.

This is an unhealthy mindset to have, as it makes living in the “now” much more unpleasant.

What’s the good of living a healthy life, if you’re constantly in fear of everything?

What about the laws of probability? Or all the other “unknowns” that exist?

Leaving the house alone is more dangerous than eating an ordinary non-organic produce item – yet people do it blindly without worry.

Or is that the next worry to reveal itself, and people become unable to live whatsoever?

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