We love finding oddities in and around the NJ Route 22 area.

Since we spend most of our time looking around us (and not on our phones), we take pleasure in being fascinated by even what might be considered trivial to most others.

Case in point is this Exxon gas station at the intersection of King George Road and Mt. Bethel Road in Warren, NJ. Just a minute or two to the south of exit 36 on Route 78.

Notice that this is probably the ONLY gas station I’ve ever seen that lists only ONE price on their sign. Can you name any others?

Typically, there are different ways to display multiple prices. I’ve seen two variations. Some list “regular, mid-grade, premium,” and others oddly just list “regular, mid-grade, and DIESEL.” That kind of annoys me when they do the latter, as our car requires premium and we can hardly compare prices when they fail to list the top grade.

Regardless – here’s what this Exxon looked like back in 2016. Perhaps a storm knocked the old one down? Who knows – it’s still a rare sight to see only one price listed.

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