We’ve mentioned Hot Air Balloons out along the Route 22 stretch in the past – and how they’ve come precariously close to “disrupting” something as they almost lose control.

One balloon in recent memory hovered way too close to an active commercial area in Whitehouse, NJ – landing in a nearby yard.

Just last week, a Hunterdon County resident had a similar encounter, with another balloon floating dangerously close to trees and power lines in their neck of the woods.

What’s up with these Hot Air Balloons landing on private property?

“Hi NJroute22! Just wanted to send you pictures of this crazy thing I saw while driving home to Califon from a shopping trip to Bridgewater this weekend. We are all used to hot air balloons in this area, but this one was literally IN THE TREES.

They were so low I could have spoken to them but I instead just listened to their hiss of flames as they tried to figure out what to do, and then finally landed on basically the only open spot around. I’m assuming this was a close call- does anyone else have some stories like this?”

Hot Air Balloons - another close call!

How long before something bad happens?

I suppose these balloon handlers or pilots or whatever you want to call them have some experience managing these antiquated flying machines.

But what happens when the unpredictable takes place? A sudden gust of wind? An unplanned storm?

I understand all flying objects (planes, blimps, etc.) all have risks. The last thing I’d want is for “big brother” to come in and take over. I’d much rather deal with these issues and maintain situational awareness. Heck, trees can fall for inexplicable reasons as well. We don’t go around banning trees or cutting them all down.

And it appears the so-called “risk” from these balloons is minimal compared to the great chances we all take each and every time we head onto any public road.

I guess we should all marvel in the beauty of flight and just hope nothing bad happens in the future.

Hot Air Balloons - another close call!

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