Meat Intolerance – NO ONE HAS THAT! {VLOG}

Meat Intolerance – NO ONE HAS THAT! {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we chat about something that you never hear about: MEAT INTOLERANCE.

There seems to be “intolerances” to just about everything these days. Gluten (wheat). Nuts. You name it.

Even we discovered things that the human body doesn’t tolerate well – such as onions and other inflammatory foods (greens as well).

The reason we had this idea was that the other day we made some jalapeno cream cheese. I simply smeared some on some fresh ham for some “roll-ups.” We realized it tasted just like a bagel with cream cheese back in the day. You realized the bagel was just a “delivery mechanism” for the cream cheese. After a few chews, it almost tasted the same. The cream cheese dominated the event.

But does any human being have an intolerance for meat? Specifically RED MEAT?

We don’t think so.

Do you ever see what happens to hard-core vegans after just a couple years? They look emaciated and sickly.

So if this gets you thinking that maybe you should incorporate more red meat into your life – you’re on the right path. It probably explains why there is so much propaganda saying that eating red meat is bad for you. Because it’s likely the exact opposite.

Stay strong!

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