Never get bored on low-carb or carnivore diet {vlog}

Never get bored on low-carb or carnivore diet {vlog}

In today’s VLOG – we address one of the main diet issues. People gripe they get “bored.”

Such as with a limited diet, etc.

We feel they are just complaining that they “miss” their old foods. Maybe not miss – but CRAVE them.

And by eating healthier alternatives – the result is this so-called boredom.

Believe me – it’s not easy to get over that obsession with food.

But once you’ve finally broken the barrier, cracked the code, and have settled into your low-carb or carnivore life – there is NO boredom.

Why is there no boredom just eating meat?

We’ll tell you why.

Because eating goes from trivial entertainment and pleasure – to just fuel for your body.

You literally NEVER think about food all day like you used to.

Because you’re now in control of your appetite and hunger.

While millions of “foodies” now have a new way to obsess about food (social media, etc.), those new-fangled modern issues are non-existent.

Do you know how liberating it is personally to NEVER really think about food? Just have your steak or burger at night and move on to the next thing instead of constantly eating and snacking?

It’s very rare for us to even feel “peckish,” although it still happens from time to time. We usually reach for a slice of cheese or some already cooked bacon or other leftovers from previous days.

In the end – we do not think any of the issues with living low-carb or carnivore really have to do with actual boredom. It’s just a bit of a shock to go from eating 1000’s of different (and likely bad) foods – to just keeping it simple.

But if you can get over that hump – you’ll be pleasantly surprised that you finally broke up with that bored feeling for good.

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