How To Treat Depression On Your Own

How To Treat Depression On Your Own

We’re going to chat about depression in today’s VLOG.

Depression is something that must be treated on time. In today’s world, people do not really consider it as something serious. However, depression can end up draining your energy and eventually hindering day-to-day activities. You need to make sure to treat depression on time, or else it could have some serious impacts on your mental well-being.

However, depression is something that can be treated on your own if it’s not too bad. You need to make sure to stay consistent throughout the process. Remember, consistency is key!

Here we will have a look at a couple of ways to fight depression naturally. So let’s get started!

Cutting out social media

We feel “depression” is on the rise over the past 20 years almost solely due to the competition known as social media. We hate it – and do not participate. Most folks would instantly become less depressed if they also did the same.

Get the cord

Another majorly depressing aspect of life is the psychological programming that happens with mainstream media. Especially the news. And to some degree any programming whatsoever. All this passive entertainment is a waste of time. Learn a skill or anything else with the hundreds of hours a year you’d save by cutting the cord. Even a side hustle is extremely satisfying!

Setting Up A Routine

Coping with depression is not an easy task. However, if you are someone who is going through depression, you need a routine. Organize your day-to-day activities. Sleep early, and make sure to wake up early as well. When your mind is fresh and everything in your life is organized, you will end up feeling a lot better. If your routine has not been okay for the past couple of months, don’t expect this to happen overnight. Set up a daily schedule and take baby steps in order to get back on track. It will end up doing wonders for you when it comes to your daily routine.

Setting Goals

When you’re depressed, you are demotivated. This means that you are having a hard time coping up with everything. You feel like there’s nothing on the track. Also, it feels like your life is falling apart. The thing is, when there are no goals in life, it makes you feel worse about yourself. You need to make sure to set goals. Start with very small ones and move forward. For instance, a goal could be waking up early and reading a book for 15-20 minutes in order to feel a bit better.


Exercise plays a major role when it comes to easing up your depression. It boosts chemicals called endorphins that help you in feeling good. Exercising is known to have long term benefits for people who suffer from depression. You need to make sure to exercise regularly. You don’t have to run a marathon to do so. Simply set a schedule for yourself and make sure to follow it. Opt for exercising about 30 minutes at the start, and you can increase the time later on.

Eating Well

Eating well is one of the major ways to treat your depression. Now, if you’re thinking there must be a specific diet that will help in treating your depression, however, that is not the case. You simply need to opt for stuff that’s healthy for you. These include foods with omega 3 fatty acids and folic acids, such as salmon, tuna, spinach, avocado, and more. All of these combined will definitely end up helping you treat your depression. Make sure to add greens to your diet. Do not overeat and eliminate junk food.

Getting Enough Sleep

People suffering from depression have a hard time getting enough sleep. There are loads of different thoughts going on in your mind, and you simply cannot have a good night’s sleep. However, trust me, this can be cured. Simply make a couple of changes to your lifestyle, and you will end up experiencing a huge change. The basic steps to do this are:

  • Go to bed early
  • Sleep at the same time every day
  • Do not nap in the middle of the day
  • Keep your mobile phone away when trying to sleep
  • Do not watch tv before going to bed

If you add all these things to your daily routine, you will end up experiencing a gradual change in your sleep.

Take Responsibilities

When you are depressed, you do not feel like doing anything. You do not want to go to work or even work at home. However, you need to challenge this. You must take responsibility in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With the passage of time, you will end up feeling a lot better about yourself. The thing with this is that when you take responsibility, you get involved in stuff. This helps you take off your mind around stuff that’s making you feel bad.

Stay Away From Negative Thoughts

Sure, it’s hard to stay away from negative thoughts when you are depressed. However, in order to get rid of these, you need to make sure to gather all your thoughts. Do not think about the negative stuff in your life. Gather all your thoughts and think about the positives in life. Remember, this is a hard time, but it will pass. You have nothing to worry about! Just make sure to cloud your mind with positive thoughts instead of negative ones.

Don’t Drink

Another thing you need to focus on is to quit drinking. Sure, you’ll feel better for the time being; however, it will get worse over a period of time. You need to make sure to add stuff that’s healthy for you. Water is always the best option. Some argue that you need to cut down on caffeine as well. Over the passage of time, you will end up experiencing a huge change when it comes to your mental health. This is one of the major ways of treating your depression!

Try Doing Something New

Another thing you should opt for is to try doing something new. Try out new hobbies that seem to be fun for you. Do you love baking? Bake a cake and enjoy! Go to a museum or an amusement park to enjoy your time. You can even opt for books that’ll help you out in treating your depression. Another fun way to get rid of depression is to volunteer at different organizations or take a language class. The experience will be quite overwhelming for you. Trying out something new is always fun, isn’t it?

Share Your Feelings

This is one of the things that matter a lot when it comes to treating your depression. Make sure to share your feelings whenever you are depressed. Talk to a loved one and let it all out. There is no need to keep it inside at all times. That’s only pushing yourself, and that’s something you do not want. Share your feelings, and do not pile them up inside. Once you share, you will end up feeling a lot of light. We all need a shoulder to cry on, don’t we?

Professional Help

If you feel like all these steps aren’t working out for you, like many people, you might want to seek professional help. Therapists love doling out anti-depressants with the claim they will help you cope during any challenging time. We recommend against it. Most therapists are cookie-cutter textbook robots. And it is our opinion that ANY pharmaceuticals are the worst possible solutions. Find the strength within – and NEVER pop pills. It’s one of the worst slippery slopes out there. (Note that this does not constitute medical advice – any decision you make is yours and yours alone. You assume all risk with the decisions you make.)

Wrapping It Up

Taking care of our mental health is something quite important for us. If you are someone who is going through depression, make sure to add all these tips to your daily routine. You will end up feeling a lot better if you put the effort in. You should always remember to make your mental health a priority. Follow all the steps and get rid of depression in no time. And for the love of God – STOP comparing yourself to others!

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