Eliminate stomach aches with Carnivore {VLOG}

Eliminate stomach aches with Carnivore {VLOG}

In today’s NJroute22.com VLOG – we’ll talk about how digestive issues like stomach aches or other discomforts can easily be remedied!

Finding out what causes stomach aches

For a good chunk of our lives – we suffered from perpetual stomach aches. AND ate a very poor “S.A.D.” Standard American Diet.

(Note that we are not in full agreement with what most “experts” refer to as the “Standard American Diet.” To us, “S.A.D.” basically means junk food. Fast food, packaged food, and processed food.)


So often that we were often relegated to the bed while we were squirming in pain.

Maybe it wasn’t “pain-pain,” but most certainly tremendous “discomfort.”

Almost all bouts were resolved once we took care of business. Sometimes quickly – other times hours or even days of unpleasantness.

We never bothered to wholeheartedly investigate what was causing them. We just wanted them to go away.

And most times – once we felt better, we went back to our horrible diet.

Then we switched to low-carb / carnivore

A little over a decade ago – we wanted to get our BODY in shape – which meant losing a lot of weight.

After many experiments – we determined that low-carb was the answer.

We lost a lot of weight in a hurry. It was amazing. Just a couple of months and pounds melted off like a snowball in the summer.

But we didn’t pay much attention to what else was missing.

A decade of fine-tuning can reveal a lot

At the beginning of our carnivore / low-carb endeavor – we made a lot of mistakes.

We still do from time to time.

But one thing became clear as we honed in on the best way to consume food.

That was we finally started understanding what gave US stomach aches and digestive discomfort.

While we figured out fast that “white flour,” (i.e., hero rolls, etc.) knocked us for a loop – it took a lot longer to find the other bad guys out there.

Before we list a few of the things that don’t sit well with us – let me make clear:

RED MEAT IS ALWAYS PERFECTLY FINE WITH US. Never a single problem whatsoever.

stomach aches

Other foods we’re finding don’t mix well with our body

So – as the past decade or more has gone by, we’ve added many other (supposedly good) foods to the “no-fly list.”

Some, but not all, include:

  • Almost all vegetables like greens and onions. Some are okay – like cucumbers and fermented veggies.
  • Chicken was a surprise. Not a belly-buster – but we just don’t feel “right” after eating it.
  • Most nuts – if not eaten sparingly. We can tolerate cashews if we have three or four. Almonds are okay. Peanuts not so much.
  • Commercial food – even “good” foods. We have no idea how they were prepared – and risk stomach aches each time we eat anything not made by us.
  • Unrelated, we also avoid all fruits. Even low-sugar ones like blueberries, etc. We find our heart rate ticks up when we eat those “natural” sugars.

These little moments of not feeling well are learning experiences.

While they are unpleasant at the moment, they are valuable in the long game. We find out what works.

That is why we ended up carnivore / carnivore-light

You can see where we’re going with this.

Just by long-term experimentation, observation, and trial and error, we adjusted our food profile.

And that is how we ended up close to being a full carnivore.

There are some folks out there that are near perfect – eating exclusively almost raw meat.

We’re not there yet.

We still want our eggs, bacon, and dairy.

I don’t know what to expect if I ever get to that bridge. We LOVE our cheeses and other non-meat foods!

But that is the thing we’ve been preaching ourselves over the past many years.

That food really is fuel – and should never be considered some kind of ritual or ceremonious event.

Maybe getting rid of all the extras that come with carnivore light is the final plateau for the next decade.

We will see.

One thing for sure is – that we sure know how to guarantee how to avoid getting stomach aches!

Enjoy the rest of your day or night!

eliminate stomach aches

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