Abstain, recreational, or regular consumer of alcohol?

Vices. They’re everywhere. No matter who it is – some kind of “vice” has them. It’s a human condition.

It can be anything. From an obsessive-compulsive disorder to being lazy (or even overly obsessive), or consuming products that might be detrimental if not managed sensibly. And a million others!

Too many people get into bad drugs like opioids and prescription pills – or equally as bad, dead-end streets like heroin and cocaine.

Of course, society has deemed many things “illegal” for whatever reason. Some would say to “protect,” while others would suggest “revenue stream” and “control.”

But one thing that is fairly risky, yet “legal” to some degree – is alcohol consumption.

Where do you fall in that spectrum?

Alcohol can be a stress relief, social blanket, and more

We’ll start off this section saying that some folks like us feel like they have an “overactive mind.”

That may be partially true – but getting to sleep is not easy for everyone. We are night people and get our brainwaves going way too late to be early-risers.

You often need “landing gears” to make the transition successfully.

About the only times we can fall asleep effortlessly without “help” is if we push our bodies to the limit. Meaning staying up until daybreak much of the time. This is not always good – especially if you have “daytime” responsibilities.

So what to do? How can you force yourself to be tired enough to sleep?

Drinking habits are also influenced by location

Do you live in a walking city? One like NYC where the city never sleeps, and there are hordes of options at your disposal? That definitely plays a role in many people’s lives. “Going out for a drink” is as easy as walking a few blocks – without the worry of getting home. The social scene is easy.

On the other side of the spectrum – are those who live in the sticks. No downtown’s a few steps away. Driving is mandatory – and ride-sharing is hit or miss. Designated driving is a must. So many residents in sparsely-populated west Jersey drink at home instead. Less risky – but less social as well.

One way or another – many NJ residents incorporate alcohol consumption in some capacity. And each has their own reasons. What are yours?

Not drinking at all is sound advice

In a perfect world – having alcohol as an option wouldn’t exist. Say what you want about the benefits. On a long enough timeline – it’s just a losing cause.

We often say that having a few drinks is necessary (to relax), or helps us write, or whatever. And that may be true. But it comes with a cost. Both financial and physical.

For people who indeed incorporate alcohol regularly in our lives, it’s definitely a hard nut to crack. Probably as hard as switching from the Standard American Diet to the low-carb, keto, or carnivore diet we’re on now. But it can be done.

It’s just a matter of taking the first steps.

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