Weight loss on low-carb, keto, carnivore {and body fat %}

One thing we’ve used as a “metric” primarily on our low-carb, keto, carnivore journey has been our weight. Or “pounds of gravitational force.”

But that is certainly not the only measurement that is important – and that is what we talk about in today’s NJroute22.com VLOG.

Body fat percentage plays a more important role for your goal

For the past six months or so – our weight has “plateaued” to some degree. We have been within the same weight (give or take a pound or two). Despite our excellent food choices.

We still think alcohol consumption absolutely impacts this. And will eventually formulate a sustainable plan for us to start cutting back in frequency. Several consecutive days of abstention definitely help, based on our small personal historical sample. (I.e., it’s hard to burn stored body fat when alcohol is being “processed” first.)

But one thing we’ve been pleasantly surprised with, even though our “weight” has somewhat stagnated.

Our body fat percentage is slowly (and steadily) going down. During those last six months – we’ve lost about 4% of our body fat.

So while our “weight” hasn’t changed much – our body composition has.

This explains why I needed an extra hole on my belt.

We still have a ways to go – we’re thinking between 10-20 lbs., but depending on how our overall muscle mass improves – we may adjust those “weight” goals accordingly.

And don’t forget – the more muscle mass your body has – the more “calories” it burns in a resting state. So it’s a good trend to be on.

So for any of you emotionally caught up in the “weight” plateau, please go out and get yourself a bodyfat scale. Those things can help keep your mind in the game.

(Just be sure to understand that those measurements are a double-edged sword if you are going in the wrong direction!)

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