We occasionally find ourselves over at the Bridgewater Mall for whatever reason. For the most part, it’s a clean mall, and never really crowded.

But this Lord & Taylor (one of only 45 left) was even less crowded. Almost zombie-vacant.

What is happening here?

Lord & Taylor – who are their customers?

Back in the day – Lord & Taylor was an upper-echelon “luxury” store that sold things of high quality (and price). But back then, you got what you paid for.

You know, quality goods that lasted a long time. I recall a Polo shirt we had for decades. It endured a beating and still looked great.

Today? All the crap they sell is made overseas to diminishing standards. I see some things at Walmart that are just as well made. Brands like Polo or Tommy just aren’t different enough to justify spending 10x more. They certainly do not last ten times longer.

What kind of shell game is Lord & Taylor playing?

Apparently – the parent company is riddled in debt. They even closed their “flagship” 5th Avenue location recently. But how do they remain afloat?

Regular people – if they cannot satisfy their debt obligations, get in loads of trouble. How do big companies like this seem to get a pass? All while paying top executives seven-figure salaries and more?

We often wonder about the potential trickery or shell games that happen out of sight. They had such a massive inventory of products in stock. I’m sure the likes of Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger were quite happy.

Even on sale – we thought the prices were way too high. Then again, it’s been a while since we were in the market for luxury goods.

So – how long will it be before this place is boarded up?

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