You can assume Starbucks Coffee in Chester made improvements (with a drive-through) and relocated across the road purely for financial reasons.

Starbucks relocating in Chester, NJ

Starbucks Coffee is a popular destination off Route 206 in Chester, NJ. They are currently located in the ShopRite strip mall.

But they’re moving to “The Streets of Chester” probably some time from mid-March to April 2020.

The new upcoming location has a drive-through feature – which will certainly make many customers happy. You know, the less effort, the better!

While we have no issue with any company improving their position (and Starbucks certainly can afford it), most folks won’t be able to read between the lines.

It’s basically a mega-corporation bolstering their stronghold on the coffee/cafe market. True.

Those folks that can’t see it for what it is – will simply be happy that the drinks and food they’ve come to conveniently enjoy – is now even more accessible.

For them to pay for and consume.

We’ve never been fans of drive-through or “app” ordering. We always enjoy human interaction, as well as direct observation of the work in progress.

But those days are dwindling. Society likes fast and easy, as it allows more time for mindless consumption of other things.

It’s not unrealistic to say that at some point in the future – all transactions will indeed be handled by automated or robotic systems. And no one will interact with anyone else directly anymore. What a discomforting hassle, right?

Maybe we can change that. Just how and when are the questions.

Starbucks relocating in Chester, NJ

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