Good Rechargeable 9V Battery Options {VLOG}

Good Rechargeable 9V Battery Options {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we’ll chime in about the benefits of rechargeable 9V batteries.

For anyone that doesn’t already know – “rechargeable batteries” have come a long way in the past few decades.

Back in the day, all rechargeable batteries were essentially NICKEL CADMIUM batteries. They were God-awful. Terrible for high-drain devices, and suffered from the dreaded “memory effect” in which they totally “forgot” how much energy they had inside.

The new standard for most rechargeable batteries is Nickel Metal-Hydride (NiMH). Excellent capacity with no memory effect. Can be reused hundreds of times – and pay for themselves many times over.

While we used NiMH batteries mostly in the AA and AAA formats – we never gave much thought to 9V batteries until recently.

There are TWO kinds of 9V rechargeable batteries

Basically – you have two kinds of 9V batteries to choose from in the rechargeable world. Nickel Metal-Hydride – and Lithium-Ion.

Just as a comparison – most cell phone and laptop batteries are of the Lithium-Ion variety. From what we recall – they offer a stable voltage throughout the discharging process, whereas in other batteries like NiMH, the voltage gets lower as the charge goes down.

When it comes to 9V batteries, most applications are smoke detectors, tools, and toys.

We recommend getting both kinds – and seeing which battery works best for your application. Try them both out in all your 9V devices. And see which ones perform better.

Note that none of these can really out-pace the standard alkaline variety from what we’ve seen. And traditional Lithium (non-rechargeable) batteries usually have the longest life of them all. But the money saved is worth it in all except locations that might be a hassle to change more frequently.

Lastly – it is essential to note that the various rechargeable 9V batteries MUST be charged in their designated charger – otherwise you will run into a major risk of fire or even explosion. One of our chargers came with this insert clearly indicating what NOT to do.

So that’s it – if you haven’t given 9V rechargeable batteries a whirl, it’s worth looking into, as we all don’t mind saving a few bucks every year.

See you next video.

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