Forget about Blu-Ray movies on Windows {VLOG}

Forget about Blu-Ray movies on Windows {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we’re going to make the case that you should not bother with Blu-Ray movies on Windows computers.

You can practically stream anything online these days (even nefarious “free” streaming sites across the globe), but we also think that it is a waste of time to watch any movies. But most people in this country LOVE movies.

The reason we bring this up – is because we did want to watch a classic movie from the 60s called Lawrence of Arabia – which we only have on Blu-Ray. It’s like an epic 4-hour movie that was special. Made in a way that is not seen any more today. Including visually powerful sections of the movie where there was no dialogue for up to 20 minutes – as well as super-wide 2.78:1 widescreen formatting.

But having kids – and no real TV in the house anymore, we wanted to watch it on our computer using headphones – as not to disturb the family late at night.

The blu-ray experience on your windows computer STINKS.

Why Blu-Ray sucks on Windows

For one – there is no built-in support for Blu-Ray movies on your computer.

You need to BUY a separate program for about $100 – which uses an internet connection to “validate” your movie. Some kind of licensing arrangement with Hollywood. This is on top of the $100 cost for the blu-ray drive for your PC.

Oddly – your $50 Blu-Ray player for the TV does not need that.

There are free programs such as VLC that can play Blu-Rays – but it requires many “hacks” and is unreliable due to extra Java requirements and so on. In other words – it’s buggy and annoying.

The “free” players that exist out there are utter garbage.

And even the paid ones are just too much. They are “all in one” suites with burning, ripping, and other features many people may just NOT want.

Much of the time, the software screws up your computer as well.

Why they can’t just make it easy and simple is beyond us. It’s just another way that the mainstream movie industry has been squeezing money from every possible situation for decades.

And maybe why they’re in severe decline today.

That is why we gave up trying. Just not worth the effort. Not one elegant SIMPLE (and FLAWLESS) solution for JUST playing Blu-Ray movies on your PC.

So please take our advice – and AVOID at all costs. Stick to watching blu-rays on your regular TV.

Have a great day!

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