Nutrition Bars – The simple truths {VLOG}

Nutrition Bars – The simple truths {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we share our thoughts about “nutrition bars.”

It’s not very complicated.

One – we don’t think they offer much nutrition, that a simple piece of meat can’t.

And two – they are almost always loaded with sugar or carbs, that counteract the purpose of keeping blood sugar levels low. They practically cause hunger!

When you are low carb, the need to “snack” is almost non-existent.

We remember years ago incorporating “nutrition bars” or “power bars” into our diets, thinking they could be used as meal replacements. They never worked, never satiated, and always led to more (nearly uncontrollable) hunger.

Best to stay away. Even the low-carb ones.

Want something portable that works great? Hard-boiled eggs! A lot cheaper – and REAL food.

Have a good day!

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