Your Digital Information Routine {VLOG}

Your Digital Information Routine {VLOG}

Two weeks ago we talked about “Information” in the VLOG. This week we’ll drill down more into a bucket I’ll call the “digital information routine.”

For most people – this is almost non-stop “checking” of social media timelines. All-day long we witness people just swiping and tapping these infinite streams of digital information. Pavlov’s dings left and right.

But even those not on social media also have a routine. It seems to be a human being thing.

Just like how people used to sit down and “read the paper” eons ago (haha), it is hard to escape the desire to “check” what is new in your realm of information. What was once called basic human curiosity is now an addictive habit times 1000.

It could be blogs that appeal to your interests. It could be sports scores. It could even be weather patterns.

Everyone has some kind of digital information routine. Some are just worse than others.

Is it best to mix things up? Do you like being caught in the web of constant contact?

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