Gladstone NJ Transit Train Station

The Gladstone Station on the Morris & Essex Line of the NJ Transit Rail System is, according to our records – the sixth least used station on that line. It’s also the “last stop” for that line.

It gets about 120 riders per day.

We’re not making fun of it – it’s fairly understandable based on the geographic area it’s situated in. Practically rural.

The highest-use stations are in semi-urban cities. Such as Hoboken, New Brunswick, and Princeton.

But overall – the NJ transit system – outside of the top 50 destinations outside of NYC – appears to be sparsely used, all things considered. Even the top 25 stations are still rather light – when you think about the overall population of the NYC metropolitan area.

The bottom 20 least used stations in the NJ Transit system get about 100 or fewer commuters per day. And that was before the “panic” of early 2020.

We’re certain their ridership has likely dropped by 75% or more. Get your popcorn!

Map: NJ Transit Gladstone Train Station

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