Summit NJ Transit Train Station

The NJ Transit Train Station in Summit, New Jersey is what truly helps classify this city as a “commuter town.”

Summit is in the top dozen most utilized stops in the entire NJ Transit system (out of over 150) – with almost 4,000 “boardings” per day.

We’ve lived in many cities in our lives. From some of the most-populated (NYC) to others much further down the spectrum. Including some that are so desolate that it can drive you mad.

But Summit is one of those places (from an observer’s point of view) that can work for some, but not for others.

We’re not going to elaborate much here. We’ll probably pen a piece later this year about “cities.” You know, most of them with “main streets,” or “train stations” and other socialized aspects. But not today.

We have more work to do regarding the analysis of city or township structures first. As well as the socioeconomic aspects of them. I’m on the edge of figuring it out. Just not yet.

You might want to think about how Summit – and many other cities nationwide create entire societal infrastructures based on nothing but transportation.

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