Scenic Overlook – Basking Ridge, NJ

scenic overlook basking ridge nj route 78

Scenic Overlook – Basking Ridge, NJ

I can bet that 99% of people driving along Route 78 have NEVER chosen to “see what’s up there” at the Scenic Overlook in Basking Ridge.

Honestly – it’s nothing special per se, other than a place to take a rest if you’re on a long drive.

No restrooms, and nothing other than a parking lot and a minor view of some sort.

In fact – you have to perform some photo-trickery (i.e., HDR, etc.) to make any photographs look compelling. Otherwise, no one gives a darn about a random photo of anything anymore.

That is what we did with the picture above.

It’s looking south from the vantage point towards Bridgewater, NJ.

A nice photo, I’ll admit.

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