Friendly Pork – Why you should pig out more often!

Pork. Bacon. Pig.

It was once a happy place to be. Or in better words, to eat and enjoy! The flavor, texture, and affordability of pork are profound.

In 2018, it appears that “pork” has come in contact with “bad” in some form or another.

Not sure why. Is it the beef or chicken industry? Who is putting the bad labels on pork? And why? It’s been a staple of a traditional diet for decades!

Now people eat soy and veggie burgers. YUCK!

We love to eat pigs

From a carnivore-based perspective, there may be no better complete animal to consume.

Cows and chickens rank up there because they indeed provide dairy and eggs too, which affects their overall value. But based on a “meat only” ranking, I think Mr. Pig wins, hands-down!

Almost everything pig-related is yummy to us. Bacon. Pork Tenderloins. Pulled pork. Roasted Ham. Sausages. You name it. Pork is the best!

Pig-related products are, at the present time, the most affordable, and most delicious meat product you can buy at any supermarket. And a good reason why you should increase your consumption of it.

BuzzFeed – Bacon Video

Ugh. Here is some “related content” about bacon. We’re a bit amazed at how excellent video editing skills can trump superior content. But BuzzFeed has billions of views a month and they’re making a killing. People eat this stuff up.

The graphics are great, as well as the enormous amount of great editing and cutscenes. Better than TV. But the on-air talent leaves a lot to be desired. They could improve.

But this is a fairly okay piece about bacon. They relied too much on facial expressions.

Comprehensive up until the end, when they draw conclusions without really elaborating as to why they came to them. So befuddling. Their target demographic sort of explains it, but who’s judging?

Recommended Pork Item of the Month: Boneless Ribs

We discovered a hidden tip over at ShopRite recently. According to butcher there, they alternate sales on Pork products. One week on for “bone in” products like ribs or pork chops, and one week on for “boneless.”

Our favorite version of pork at the moment is the boneless pork rib ends. $1.69 / lb when on sale. Protein for the entire family – FOR UNDER $3.00!

The simple way to cook is:

  1. Season to your liking (salt, pepper, garlic, etc.)
  2. “Sear” each side till brown. Copious amounts of butter make it better!
  3. Place in baking dish and cover.
  4. Slow cook at around 225-250 for a few hours. Two to three should do it.

Afterward, you’ll have “melt in your mouth” pork goodness! We made this here tonight! YUM!

That’s it for today’s pork love. Hungry yet?

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