Coupon Angels in New Jersey

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Written by NJroute22

Depending on which stores and areas you frequent, you might find some random coupons on the shelves next to the corresponding products. We decided to call these people “coupon angels.”

We haven’t searched the web for this phenomenon, or if it even has an official name. This is just our organic experience.

But I wonder what inspires people to put what is essentially free money on the shelves for future customers to benefit from. And even more so, that they have the time and energy to do it!

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Coupon Angels leave free money on the supermarket shelves!

Yes, we know there are millions of coupon-cutters out there, and some are even fanatical about it, going to great lengths to cut their grocery bills down. Many even make it a game-like challenge for themselves or form coupon clubs where they trade coupons and share tips.

We don’t see this fascinating trend at all stores – especially in stronger economic regions. But two recent places include a Rite Aid in Washington, NJ – as well as two ShopRites (in Branchburg and Clinton).

Perhaps these people are empathetic to the financial issues many people have and are “paying it forward” by leaving those tiny slips of economic relief around. And maybe they’re even religious. My guess is that they’re also Generation X, Baby Boomers, or older.

Have you ever placed – or used a coupon on the shelves?

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