5 Underrated American Books about Love

What comes to your mind when you try to remember the best American books? To Kill a Mockingbird, The Catcher in the Rye, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest? American literature is strong, powerful, and romantic. American authors like complex topics and describe everything sensually, so American books have not lost their relevance in recent years but have only developed and gained popularity. That is why we decided to present to you the best underrated American books.

1. The Pisces, Melissa Broder

This is a book, in which a dark fantasy meets an even darker reality. “The question is not what love is, but, am I really looking for it?” – says Lucy, the main character of the novel by Melissa Broder. Her long-term romance ends in collapse, and Lucy moves to California. Formally – to look after the dog of the sister who went on vacation. In fact – to overcome disappointment. To understand herself, Lucy visits group therapy, tries to get acquainted on Tinder (by the way, you can find many beautiful brides there). She needs to understand the reasons for her abnormal obsession and psychological dependence on another man. But the deepest immersion in her own inner world happens when she meets Theo.

2. A Crazy Kind Of Love, Mary Ann Marlowe

Jo Wilder is a photographer. Her job is to take photos of famous people. And the more curious magazine cover is, the more money she receives. Micah Sinclair is a famous rock musician. Moreover, he is just a handsome heartthrob. They meet by accident. He spoils her photo, and she doesn’t know that he is a superstar. A spark runs between these two. Every time Jo and Micah meet, they feel attraction more and more. But is it for real? What if they just use each other for personal gain? Or do they really love each other?

3. Brightest Stars, Anna Todd

Karina knows from her mother dozens of legends about the starry sky, for example, that the stars are of a divine nature and that the brightest of them burn out first. Sometimes Karina feels like the same luminaries. It seems that her inner fire turns to ash soon. But everything changes when she meets Kael. It is hard not to notice him: he is handsome, silent, hates the smell of mint, clearly interested in Karina, but closed, and completely taciturn. Karina is fired up with the idea to find out as much as possible about this person. But, as her mother warns, the brightest stars burn out first…

4. The One Plus One, Jojo Moyes

The story is about a mother of two children who is left by her husband. A woman is drowning in a maelstrom of problems. But he meets Ed Nichols, a millionaire, whose ex-wife wants to take everything after a divorce. A man is happy to help solve Jess’s problems, and she, in turn, supports him morally and doesn’t let him lose his heart. With all these problems, the book is easy to read, and it quickly fascinates. The book leaves a strange aftertaste – it miraculously combines dynamism and ease.

5. The Choice, Nicholas Sparks

The book is the story of a bachelor Travis for whom traveling, hunting, and fishing are the main hobbies and pleasures in life. But when a beautiful woman Gabrielle settles in the neighborhood, the man’s hobbies slowly fade into the background. The attraction between them gradually develops into love. Travis adopts the measured lifestyle of the chosen one, and they marry, build a house, then raise two beautiful daughters. But trouble comes to the family. Gabby is in a coma, and her husband has a difficult choice: either to turn an artificial lung ventilation machine off or not. This is a very touching story about love in sorrow, joy, illness, and health.

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