Foods you didn’t know were addictive {VLOG}

Foods you didn’t know were addictive {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we’ll chat about foods we feel are addictive – but hardly anyone knows they are.

To sum this up honestly – anything other than meat, cheese, or other dairy.

Yes, that is right. All foods seem addictive to us.

Case in point.

We make burgers or steaks – we eat peacefully and at some instant – we just stop. A full stop! Eating is done. Thinking about eating is done.

However, last week we made “stir fry” (without rice, etc.)

Both times – once with peas, onions, carrots – and the other time with just onion, cilantro, pesto – we ate like maniacs.

We truly think it’s the fructose in the onions mainly.

Our appetites were “different” for lack of a more perfect word.

Luckily since these dishes weren’t ridiculously high in sugars – we didn’t feel that way for long.

But while we were eating – it was definitely not the same as just eating straight meat.

We’re going to go ahead and not do that anymore. (Lumberg voice).

We like to be in control of what we eat – not vice versa.

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