First step for Troubleshooting Lawn Machines

First step for Troubleshooting Lawn Machines {gas-powered}

In today’s VLOG – we’ll talk about often overlooked solutions to fixing your lawn equipment like lawn mowers, string trimmers, and anything else that is considered a “small engine” type of equipment.

To sum it up (and as a good reminder) – ALWAYS USE FRESH FUEL.

If that doesn’t work – well, you have other adjustments to make.

In our example – we got lucky. We just needed to raise the idle RPM’s high enough so it wouldn’t shut down. All you needed was a screwdriver and eyes and ears.

What other troubleshooting steps or fixes can you recommend?

There are other “easy” ones – like checking the quality of the oil, various filters, and the spark plug(s).

After those simple fixes – you get into more complicated territory, which may or may not involve taking the carburetor off – or even completely disassembling the engines!

That is one thing about buying higher-quality brands. They require big fixes less often (which is why we love Honda!)

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