Fearing the speed limit – good or bad?

We’re not afraid to express our discontent with both slow drivers – as well as those who are afraid of the speed limit signs. Just search our site for “speed limit” and you’ll see many articles!

As it is in 2020 – it appears, that in our area at least – we’re finding more and more drivers literally obeying arbitrary signs exactly. Below is a photo of just one of many we get stuck behind every week.

Not 1 MPH over the speed limit

This particular guy I was driving behind was following each and every sign exactly. 40. 45. 25. 30. Etc.

He sped up and slowed down EXACTLY as the signs said. Not how the road felt to him, or his perfectly competent Honda. No. Just because of the signs. Never went even ONE (1) MPH over the limit.

Gotta give him credit for having good control of the speed of his vehicle, at least.

Is it frustrating? YES. Do we get angry? No.

We will admit that it’s painfully frustrating to be stuck behind a slow-poke. Especially when there are no safe passing zones.

Back in the day, we’d let this frustration push us. To the point where we were a bit steamed.

Today – we still like pointing out that whoever is ahead of us is annoying as shit. However, we try to have a “Zen” moment and just roll with it as best as we can. It’s frustrating no matter what – because it does not feel right in many instances to “obey” those awful, often criminal signs that are installed purely for stealing from perfectly competent drivers.

Doesn’t matter why or how – it will pass

While we have certainly pointed out our frustrations – we are not going mad over it. Expressing yourself is often therapeutic.

Sometimes we even feel for the people who live in such fear. We wish it wasn’t that way – but not everyone can possess the confidence and a joy for driving at the same time. Perhaps it was their parenting or past experiences. Maybe they cannot afford “payable offenses.” Who knows.

Either way – these things no longer “build up” in us (you know, to the point where you tell your family when you get home “I was stuck behind this slow asshole driver!”)

We just look forward to the moment where we can be away from them. It’s just a shame that these same slow drivers cannot be understanding of the people behind them – at least some of the time!

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