We understand one thing – getting a “speeding ticket” sucks. Expensive fines, possibly higher insurance rates, and so on. Just another horrible aspect of living in this draconian “state.”

However, until robots are monitoring each and every mile we travel on, does not mean everyone has to live in utter fear regarding these arbitrary rules meant only to enrich the state.

More slow drivers afraid of the signs – speed limit

As we’ve mentioned on this website in the past – slow drivers appear to be gaining in numbers (even more so as time goes by!)

Mind you – this is not so much the case on major highways or faster thoroughfares with more cars.

It seems to happen most on single-lane roads.

I guess drivers feel insulated when there are hordes of other cars, and think they “blend in” better while all collectively going faster than the posted speed limit.

But when they’re alone or more easily singled-out, they drive like 90-year-old grandmothers.

What is happening exactly? Fear or compliance?

I always try to figure out what motivates the increasing number of people “obeying” speed limit signs. Often to the point where they don’t even exceed 5mph UNDER the speed limit!

It probably boils down to one of two major reasons:

  1. They are in literal fear of the dreaded police stop. Something has caused that. Could be many reasons. Previous experience. Lack of money to pay the fine (and possible increased insurance premiums). Or something they’ve been indoctrinated by either online or on TV.
  2. They’ve been conditioned to be compliant. Like good soldiers. I’ve seen many people proud to color within the lines. As if obeying is the standard for being a model citizen on the roads today. A possible form of virtue signaling. I’d be willing to bet the political affiliation as well.

I’ve seen a few others that were obvious. Such as a driver who’s had a few drinks. They clearly are doing it wrong. Going TOO slow. That, too, is a reason to get pulled over, by the way.

Understanding the roads plays a role

Folks that have many repeated trips in whatever area they roll in should know the hot spots. You know, the stretches that commonly have hidden or visible speed traps. We know of a few in central NJ, and you just bite the bullet and deal with it for a couple of miles.

But some folks have that fear that they’re ALWAYS a cop nearby. Because they “saw” one once – they forever have that memory, and perpetually drive as if there’s a radar gun on them at all times. Nonsense.

Fiddling with the phone

Many drivers also try to multi-task. Swiping their dumb phones while they drive.

This inherently causes them to drive slower. Because they’re worried about rear-ending someone, they naturally keep the speed down out of caution.

Those people are self-absorbed and inconsiderate.

How come hardly anyone pulls over to let people pass?

What gets us the most – is how these slow drivers are typically clueless about the line behind them. Or at least that’s what I hope.

Worse, would be some spiteful driver who refuses to pull over, because “they’re obeying the speed limit.”

“Why should those other people get to break the law?” is probably their entitled thought-process.

Every now and then, you’ll see someone who can admit that they are irritating others, and simple pull to the side for a minute and let the other drivers go. Much respect both ways for those people. I have no problem with people driving at a slower pace, as long as they don’t impede others!

There are natural speeds on every road, depending on your car. And most speed limits are artificially (and purposely) kept below those naturally acceptable speeds.

It’s just too bad most people can’t comprehend that fact.


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NJroute22 (site admin) is an avid traveler along NJ Route 22 (and almost all of central New Jersey!) Family man, pet lover, and property owner who has a natural curiosity for everything around.