When it comes to grilling – for the most part, we’re sort of purists. We love our burger blends from proprietors such as Pat LaFrieda as well as Schweid and Sons.

We’ve tried these pre-made “enhanced” burgers a couple times. Once at The Fresh Market – and another time at Wegmans. Both times we were less than impressed. The added ingredients did little to boost the overall flavor experience. It could be that the pedestrian quality ground beef took away from what should have been an excellent burger.

However, I’ve noticed at a few ShopRite Supermarkets – they have these massive slabs of burger variations in the deli case. They might be half a pound or more each. Like meatloaf burgers.

They look enticing and must be selling well, as they have them all the time!

But my past downers are preventing me from pulling the trigger again. Plus, they’re quite costly when compared to other burger options.

Should we give it a try again? Have you tried the deli hamburgers from Shoprite?

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