Not sure how many people realize that they now have home drug tests.

We noticed this recently at a local Rite Aid Pharmacy.

First Check Home Drug Tests – a shame these things exist!

A product called First Check that offers an array of different drug tests. I’m guessing this is for people to use on themselves prior to applying for a job or something that requires a drug test. Or even worse – for parents to use on their kids!

You basically submit a sample – and “send it off to the lab.” Everything from simple kits for pot, all the way up to opioids and even various prescription pills.

For one, they promise confidentiality. I wouldn’t buy that for a minute. The “data” gets used by someone, in some capacity. It has to. And secondly, don’t you think by now – with all the amazing advancements they have in tech and medicine, that these things should easily work at home? I’ve always doubted how they probably have held back a LOT of technology so they can control it for financial reasons.

Anyway – it’s sad that we even need these things. We sometimes wonder if they purposely push these “drugs” (for profit) so they can (profit) from the after effects. I’m sure you can come up with at least one example of “problem/solution” profiteering.

Just remember the old saying “say no to drugs!”

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