Cheap Wine Reviews – Bressia Sylvestra 2017 Malbec

Welcome to the Cheap Wine Reviews Episode 18, where we talk about the 2017 Bressia Sylvestra Malbec (13.5%) – which we scored a good deal on at ShopRite Wine & Spirits in Clinton, NJ.

We mention that wine reviews (from online users) are of no use. There are so many 5-star and 1-star reviews – that most wines get a middle rating. Useless.

Frankly, we absolutely LOVED the taste of the Bressia Sylvestra. One of the best “tasting” wines we’ve had in 2018. But it FAILED the 2-bottle test miserably. I was hurting for two days.

Not sure why. Perhaps we’re getting too healthy (lost a lot of weight) to drink two bottles? Or was this wine, despite its taste – just filled too many sulfites or other bad things? Maybe because we’re now drinking less overall alcohol with the discovery of the Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer? Who knows. We’ll get back to you on our prognosis. But I’d definitely bring ONE bottle to a BYOB and enjoy it immensely. Never again two bottles!

Please listen to our fun Cheap Wine Reviews above – we got WAY BEYOND just the wine. And ramble about some interesting stuff.

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