The Finnish Long Drink – No thanks! {VLOG}

Today we talk about why you should totally avoid The Finnish Long Drink alcoholic beverages.

We picked these up at a local liquor store recently – as we’re always looking for low-carb options.

One, their cans were not easy to understand at “quick glance.”

They have a white can – and a blue can. One is supposedly “Long Drink Zero,” and the other is with sugar.

The white cans suggested 0g Sugar, which is good. The 0g of carbs was also promising. But in cursive print, it says “artificial sweetener.”

NO ingredients are listed.

Their website also does NOT list ingredients. Suspicious.

It turns out you have to scour their social media feeds to find out that they use SUCRALOSE, which is one of the worst artificial sweeteners. They screw with your mind, and have also been reported to promote diabetes.

NO THANKS! See some issues with this sweetener here.

It is also clear that the blue can contains sugar – but we have NO IDEA how many grams of carbs. Probably more than a can of soda.

If they change their zero-carb version to erythritol or monk fruit, we’ll re-visit.

But until then, this brand of drink is on our NO-DRINK LIST!

You’re welcome.

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