Cheap Wine Reviews – SEASON FINALE (Ep. 19 – No more wine?)

Cheap Wine Reviews – SEASON FINALE (Ep. 19 – No more wine?)

Today’s Cheap Wine Reviews video is our “season finale.” We’re taking a hiatus from the wine consumption.

Years of “enjoying” this fine fluid has caused us to take a break for a while. When your body “talks” to you, it’s a sign that you should listen. We’re not sure if it’s the sulfites, the pesticides, or just plain old wine sediment. But our innards are suggesting to give it a rest.

Instead, we’ve been actually enjoying the “spiked seltzers” that we reviewed in the past. In particular, the Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer variety. That product seems to have the lowest total carbs (and 0g of sugar!)

We have been able to enjoy imbibing them without over-consuming. Plus, the after-effects are minimal to non-existent. Win-win!

Monday videos will remain – we will just have new programming “channels” in place. We plan on doing helpful tips, rants about declining quality, and possibly product reviews (and even recipes!)

Have a nice week!

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