Hey there! Today we’re talking about Buffalo Wild Wings (over in Flemington, NJ).

Buffalo Wild Wings has several other locations in the NJroute22.com coverage area (Bridgewater, Watchung, Easton, PA, and Allentown, PA).

We’ve never been – but want to try them soon!


Buffalo Wings are a good low-carb food choice

While our meat of choice is plain, juicy, red ground beef – chicken wings still have a place in our heart. They’re fun to eat, satiating, and very low-carb if you pick carefully.

Looking at Buffalo Wild Wings “nutritional” spreadsheet – you can see the disparity between the options. Some single dishes of food have more carbohydrates than we eat in a week! Ho Lee Fuk!

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However, the plain wings (along with certain sauces or spices) are practically zero carbs.

And the main reason we’re publishing this (non-review) is two-fold. One, we want to confirm they fry their food in beef tallow. That is a rarity in today’s overly paranoid market. And two, because it will light the fire under our butts to finally give it a shot. We’ve been a bit too pragmatic when it comes to eating out when we know we have tons of good food at home.

We’ll try to ease our restrictions at least once in the coming weeks.

Be careful at Buffalo Wild Wings

While I bet that back in the day I would have devoured the “Loaded Tots,” I can assure you that I might need medical attention today if I consumed the entire dish. 160+ grams of carbs is enough to make an elephant’s heart stop if they were low-carb as well. That’s more carbs that we eat in an entire week! Maybe more! My head and heart are pounding just visualizing what would happen.

That said, we’re not judging that Buffalo Wild Wings is bad – you just have to navigate the terrain carefully. Some of their core dishes are awesome for people who value their health. While others are absolutely dangerous.

Quick Buffalo Wild Wings observations

We took a pitstop here recently – and think that we might enjoy this place as an occasional visit. Relatively affordable, casual atmosphere, and cordial staff.

Perhaps it was a bit too pedestrian, as a little unruly mayhem always makes for interesting times (think some southern “Road House.”) However, society is becoming very “tame” in our opinion. But that’s a story for another day.

We hope, despite our hectic family predicament – that we can report back one day soon with an honest (not fake) review of the establishment based on a healthy life plan. I assume we might cover some of the unhealthy stuff, but only via proxy.

Has anyone else been to Buffalo Wild Wings?

This is the Bridgewater, NJ location on Route 22.

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