Whenever we can – we try to visit as many different places within our reach in New Jersey.

We strive to “mix it up” and treat our lives like we’re on vacation, constantly seeing things that we haven’t experienced. It’s really “pretending,” as we’re not on vacation (ever, sadly enough), but a fun and creative way to get more out of your daily routine when your resources are limited.

However, in the real world, that is merely optimistic and goal-oriented, not necessarily practical.

You cannot avoid visiting some areas more often than others. For whatever reason, such as vetting out “tried and true” establishments that meet our objectives beyond comparison. You can only try to “do better” within your sensible limits. We certainly can find “the best of the best” for everything – but that would likely involve spanning the globe. So “that ain’t happening,” as they say!

"Fractal" Mural in Somerville, NJ is pleasing

Somerville, “Fractal” Mural, and Redelico’s Paint

Our family has recently favored Redelico’s Paint and Decorating Center in Somerville, NJ.

For whatever reason – their business, specifically in regards to wall coverings, has resonated positively in our circle. So we find ourselves there when the circumstances warrant it (i.e., we’re re-painting and decorating our bedroom at the moment).

And while Somerville isn’t our hometown, we still find some enjoyment in swinging by. (Oh God, before we were strict with our food consumption – we had some insane garlic knots over at Cafe Picasso – you cannot undo that memory!)

We noticed this rather pleasant “Fractal” mural on the side of the apartment building that Redelico’s is situated in. Sure, this may be “old news” for locals, but since we’re just “vacationing,” it made us happy. And yes, we know it’s not a true fractal – but it’s close enough in appearance to make you think of that amazing mathematical and artistic phenomenon.

In retrospect – we like this even more because of the circumstance. Some cities are peppered with artwork all over. That diminishes the significance. Somerville isn’t like that to our knowledge. Not yet, at least.

Additionally – this piece of work had ZERO political or societal “message” as far as we could tell. It was just an eye-pleasing sight. It’s getting rarer by the day that the opportunity to have such a large canvas isn’t obviously hijacked by some political narrative – so that was refreshing.

There you go – another thing to be happy about in NJ!

(PS – if there is some “hidden message” about this – we don’t want to know!)

(PPS – additionally – for this particular moment – we’re not particularly interested in the “why” or “how” or “who” either. Not everything needs to be uncovered entirely to be deemed enjoyable or fun. Sometimes just seeing things “as-is” is more than enough. An air of mystery has its qualities that many people with a search bar at their fingertips may have forgotten!)

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