Black Friday Edition – NJ Supermarket Roundup 11.23.2018

Welcome to the BLACK FRIDAY episode of our supermarket roundup VLOG for the week/weekend starting November 23, 2018. The holiday season is now in top gear. And let’s just say – you need to look long and hard to find “useful” things as opposed to junk.

The supermarkets this week offered nothing truly ground-breaking (they rarely do!) And big box stores like Walmart are selling mostly tech junk that will be broken or obsolete this time next year. No heirloom products, that’s for certain.

A pleasant surprise over at Lowe’s. Many truly useful products – were up to 70% off. Stuff like ladders, refrigerators, drills, etc. That’s all great. But it makes you wonder how huge the markup is the rest of the year. They can’t possibly be selling that stuff at a loss, right?

And as expected, Ocean State Job Lot once again has some good deals which essentially are “Free.”

We still frequent places like ShopRite and other local markets for sheer convenience. Try to be reminded that no matter where you shop (health food stores included), you need to be wary of the words like “natural,” and “organic.” They don’t mean they’re good for you.

As always, please stay with us as we fine-tune our video offerings. If you have the attention span to watch each and every week – you’ll start to pick up on some common thoughts we have. We’re living proof of the words we speak. Smart long-term ideals are important. So is trial and error as well as personal experience. If anyone wants to get some tips from us personally just drop us an email with your concerns. We’ll do our best to help.

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