Beware of mainstream “health” sites and channels

While researching something, we stumbled upon an article on “Eat this, not that” regarding low sugar snacks.

Like most mainstream publications, this site listed a few dozen commercially available snacks (along with nutritional content, etc.)

After looking at it – we realized it was utterly useless at best, and damaging at worst! If ordinary people followed this advice, they’d be well on their way to the diabetes clinic.

They’re part of a bigger group called Galvanized Media. It’s all mainstream “popular” stuff that is mostly unhealthy or wrong. They do get some things right, but they usually do that to throw people off. A sick game, if you ask us.

This is what you pick up on as you get closer to perfecting your low-carb, keto, or carnivore lifestyle: identifying the blatant misinformation out there.

Sadly, this is mostly due to PAID product placements and other nefarious behind-closed-doors arrangements. Eating junk like KIND bars is a detriment to your health, for instance. Why do they get such positive hype? Any low-carb expert knows these things are awful.

We’ve noticed this with other grossly inaccurate publications such as Diabetic Living magazine. Any diabetic that subscribes to that publication and follows (all of) their advice will remain a diabetic for life. No wonder the magazine is 25% funded by diabetes medications.

Anyway – be aware of these popular sites that “trend” high on YouTube and other platforms. They have big money behind them, and these days that is what is needed to become popular. Not sound ideas.

Even more sad – is that helpful information like this is buried and is hard to find. Which is why if anyone understands this – please forward to your friends and contacts.

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