Walmart Whatnots March 2020 {VLOG}

Walmart Whatnots for March 2020 in NJ {VLOG}

Video topics for this month’s “Walmart Whatnots” VLOG.

  • Good to always buy holiday merchandise AFTER the holidays! It may not always be the best selection – but you can save a lot. The discounts go up over time too. So always sift through to see what you can find!

Speaking of clearance sections…

  • You can find good deals. But it’s important to scoop up if they are important to you, as they go away fast.
  • For instance, we missed out on these great cookie sheets. Only 5 bucks. They sell for 5x that online now.
  • These coloring books were a steal – as well as these pencils. Perfectly good items at a fraction of the cost.

On to other things…

  • Has anyone seen how Monopoly has now sort have become unbearably overwhelming? A game for every niche out there. They’re probably playing into the “gamification” mindset of people. To get the next level up – or whatever. The charm is over.
  • Lastly – we see how InstaPot and Ninja are all over the map nowadays. Cashing in on the brand awareness. But this Ninja Foodi – is downright deceptive. It’s basically a convection oven that they call an “air fryer.” But what gets us low-carb people the most is the outright lie on the front “GUILT FREE FRYING.” It’s not the frying that is bad – it’s the CARBS! Eating french fries in these appliances is in NO WAY GUILT FREE. Probably worse – as people will eat more thinking the air fryer magically helps them avoid obesity. Idiocracy we live in.

See you next month for more Walmart Whatnots!

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